May. 29th, 2017


Makes 4-5 cups of finished sauce. Best if allowed to cool overnight in the fridge before using.
Use 1/4 cup of finished sauce mixed well with 1 tablespoon sesame oil and 1/3 cup vegetable oil as a marinate before grilling meat or tofu. Use sauce sparingly at service.
Overview: You’ll make a base of vinegars, aromatics, and sugar, which is boiled down to a concentrate, then add in mirin and soy sauce, boil for a few minutes more before finally balancing with a last little more sweet.

12oz can of pure pineapple juice concentrate
3-4 inch piece of fresh gingerroot cut into chunks but not peeled
1/2 head of fresh garlic cut in half, and slightly pulled apart, but not peeled
1 cup rice vinegar
1 cup cider vinegar
1 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup water (just what it takes to rinse the pineapple juice can)
Boil this down in a large pan for 40-45 minutes until it has reduced by half. (Try not to breath in the boiling vinegar fumes. :) )
Soy and Mirin:

Add in:
3 cups soy sauce (regular or gluten free is fine)
1 cup mirin
1/4 teaspoon red chili flake
Boil 10-12 minutes until the sauce thickens slightly
Final Additions:

Taste for final seasoning. The sauce will be quite intense and salty at this stage. Try to focus on being able to just barely taste sweetness underneath everything.
I generally add:
1/2-1 cup brown sugar
1 cup mirin
(1/2 cup honey for gluten free - as it tends to need a little thickening)
There should be plenty of heat in the pan dissolve/incorporate the sugars, but if not you can turn it back on the heat for just enough to get a smooth sauce.
Strain into glass jars allow to mellow overnight in the fridge before using. The sauce with thicken and balance significantly as it sets.
Sauce will keep for months in the fridge.



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