... one of many, of course.

So... odds are i will not be returning to University any time soon. Even if money was plentiful, my commitment right now is my boys' education - which means i don't have the time/energy to return to school until they are safely off to University or wherever on their own :) But, that doesn't mean that i can't keep learning. If anything, i need to keep learning FOR them... to be a good role model as well as to keep my brain sharp.

So...i am doing a couple things...

First, i am studying Japanese again. Thanks to an interesting book i picked up, i am using a multi-pronged approach - a Japanese textbook and a language audio program ... i'll add in using a Japanese Language newspaper to learn the "real" lanugage when i can afford to buy a paper :) Plus, i want a bit more kana/kanji expertise under my belt, too. Just a few minutes (usually under an hour) a day is do-able and exciting.

Next... i am still really interested in quantum mechanics, string theory, and physics in general. BUT... really learning this, past getting the prerequisite mathematic foundation, is rather difficult without lab equipment not easily accessible in a rental home basement. So... while this is what still a longer-term goal, i need to look at things i can do NOW.

Fifteen years ago or so, i found a program at Evergreen State College on Sustainable Energy Systems - a combination of the physics of energy systems and architecture/urban planning. i started taking the prereqs - chemistry and the like to get into the program... but then let that go amidst other options and thinking (at so young) i was too old to start again a new career. Now, 15 years later, i think if i had done it then, where would i be now? But that is futile... although it does help to remind me that i don't want to have that same thought pattern in another decade or two. AND, focusing on architecture and sustainable planning, i can do most all of that at home. i won't have the paper degree, but i can still at least design my (future) home. :) And who knows how much i can get for prior experience :D

So... i am looking at what free online architecture classes i can take (MIT has free online classes, as do many other universities)... and i am thinking about putting notes up on local LJ and Craig's List and Freecycle looking for Architecture text books (since UW does have an architecture program) - and i am betting i can get a basic CAD program pretty cheap/free if i look around i can easily find free CAD programs online with a simple google search. Right now i am reading books i can find in the Seattle Public Library system...the hardest part is finding them in the online-catalog... i am thinking a trip to the big Central Library may be in order - just to browse and see with my hands what is really available.

That is where i am at the moment. At least on that front. :)



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