We have a decent ellipitical trainer to re-home. Works well... even for larger people... but would probably be ideal for those 220 and under just in terms of size/stablilty. SOLD :)

We have 2 small animal cages... one about the size for a gerbil or the like... another for a guinea pig (single) or so.

If you want any/all of these, please let me know ASAP... i'll put a note up on freecycle later tonight or tomorrow morning if no-one responds here by then. :)


Oct. 20th, 2007 08:56 am
So, i have a Dr. Scholl's Foot Spa - i think i got it when someone else was cleaning out their house and it looked so WONDERFUL... and so i brought it home. And it has sat on a shelf ever since. i may have used it once, if ever. You have a choice of just water, massage, massage/heat, or just heat. If you want it, are local and can get it, and think you'll actually use it... let me know. i'll be putting it up on Freecycle if i don't get a response here.
1) cast iron teapot for a wood stove
2) small animal cage - has wire floor and removable tray and one large door.
3) box of candles, candle holders, tealites, and a potpourris cooker
Before posting on Craig's List or the like, i am posting here. If you are in the Seattle area (or are going to be here) and are interested in this stuff, let me know and you get first 'dibs' :)

1) Brother MFC 210C multi-function printer/fax/copier/scanner. Worked last time we used it.... needs cyan ink (about $13) to print anything (requires ink in all slots to print even black). We upgraded. Has Black, yellow, and magenta inks currently. May need the head cleaned as it has been sitting for months. Will need to find drivers online as the disk is packed safely somewhere. You'll also need your own USB cord. :)

2 & 3) Screen for a fireplace/wood stove - this is a free-standing 3-part screen, we used to keep kids from running full-tilt-boogie into hot woodstove insert. But then we never really used the stove. Like new. AND Wood Stove Cast Iron Kettle - you know those heavy kettles into which you put water and then leave on the wood stove so that your air doesn't totally dry out and make you miserable (or more miserable). NOT for tea really, although what you do with it is your choice.
The Movers and Moving Van arrive Wednesday morning bright and early... our goal is to have 90% of the house packed and moved prior... or at least off of all the things that we want the movers to move. i am low on motivation, so it is taking me forever do to the work that would take 2 hours if i focused. But i am also washing dishes and clothes as i pack. And poking on the Internet. And watching some TV.

So... on the the REAL reason of this post... stuff that will need a new home. Or some of it, anyway.

1) We have a couch and loveseat... it wasn't the best when we got it, and a year of kids and cats has left it with a couple more stains and a bit of scratching on one arm. The loveseat comes with a white cover... the couch with a comforter for a cover. Free is a good price. :) Comfy enough.... definitely.

2) 4' tall x maybe 30" cabinet... again, not in the best shape, structurally sound, but the finish isn't great.

3) 4' tall dresser... it is white and looks nice... it should have 5 drawers, but only has 4 since one drawer got broken when my son stood on it. We just keep the empty one on the bottom and put clear plastic boxes there for adl. storage.

4) 3' tall dresser... wood and 4 drawers and (honestly) ugly. But very sturdy.

5) Small 3-drawer bedside table sized chest of drawers. Also pretty ugly, but works ;)

6) What was once the "printer stand" part of a Sauder desk set... now being used as a bedside table. In decent shape.

All are free, unless you want to give us something for it (money, cookies, a starbucks drink.. :)
Ok all... i am at my wits' end. i have gone through so many boxes that my dining room is running out of space. i was hoping to have people come over and hang out... have some treats... take stuff... etc. But i don't think i can wait another couple weeks. So... here goes my idea....

1) if you have any time during the week (other than Thurs Eve) and want to come by to look, just let me know.
2) if there is a specific item listed that you want, let me know
3) i am going to start boxing things up to take to some form of charity (as the 2 that pick up won't be here for 3-4 weeks)

Some items i have:

Books Galore. You'll need to come look yourself. Sci-fi, parenting, spirituality, fiction, goodness knows what else.

Random Princess House Crystal pieces. Various other glassware - mostly stemware.

Unused/unopened makeup gift set.

clothing/shoes (mostly kids)

lots of nick-nacks and doo-dads

some valances and hardware


air popcorn popper
vics steam vaporizor
2 betta tanks w/ rock - w/o fish
Mexican wedding vase

If there is something specific you want, let me know.
i am... overwhelmed and afraid and scared and terrified and panicked and obsessed and dead inside.

i don't know how i am going to make it through this move. To be prepared. To be financially able. i need to rehome my chinchillas. i need to rehome most/all my birds. i may need to rehome my dog. i need to get rid of at least half of my "stuff" - or more. And i have maybe 8 weeks to do it all. And i want to crawl into a hole and fill it in after me.

Mom is coming down tomorrow to help. And of course, the thought of her seeing my house so messy is making me want to hide even more. i need to sort through at least one room a week - sort and pack. If i can sort and pack one room a week, i will be pretty much ready by the time we have to move. 4 upstairs rooms - living room, 'school' room, family room, kitchen/dining room. But i have to add in the storage shed and the pantry area. One a week may not sound so bad... but most of you haven't seen my house. And... in addition... i need to get [livejournal.com profile] darkmuffin back on school track, do all the cooking and routine cleaning,... plus find a new place to live, figure out where to get the money to pay for the move, keep on top of all the bills, screen homes for the animals, get [livejournal.com profile] darkmuffin to hockey on time at least twice a week (Sat and Sun mornings by 7:30 usually), and make time for time with my husband. Oh... and maybe time for me, too.

i went through several boxes tonight... i am trying to be brutal. i have kept about 1 box of the 10 i have sorted through so far. i have thrown out all the writings and papers and cards and letters and stories from the past 30 years or so that i have been hanging onto for no good reason. i found my girlscout pins/patches... they are gone now. i found letters from an old love... gone. Pictures and papers and notes and letters. Who needs things and stuff... the memories are there or they aren't. If they are, then wonderful. If they aren't, do they really need to be dredged up again? i found some rose potpourris that my friend Jill and i made when we were about 14 - amazingly it still smelled fresh and strong nearly 24 years later. Gone. The glass bottle is up for grabs.

There is so much up for grabs. Books. Records. Betta tanks. Decorative boxes. Baby/craft scale. Dishes. Books. Clothing/shoes. SCA style/Con style clothing (none my size now... and who knows if i'll be that size again or if i'll ever do things like the SCA or Cons again anyway). Stones. Petrified wood. Books. Free or donation.

For sale i know we have at least 1 DVD player. A pilates performer similar to this one only with 4 resistance cords and with burgandy/brown, not black, vinyl and no videos. A spinning wheel with some fibre. A table loom. Probably a TV. Probably another DVD player. Probably a VCR. Likely a surround system that does great for TV and for radio, but whose DVD/CD player part is broken - or free on that one.

To add to the joy, i am having sleeping issues again. And stomach issues. And eating issues.

And i still want to be in a hole. Oh. i am.
Hey all you Seattle-ish folks... anyone interested in a "Come Get My Free Stuff" party? i am thinking we can have one a month until we move and one after we move :) Heck... you can bring your free stuff, too... take some, give some. We'll have charity come get the leftovers when we are done.

We have a bunch of nick nacks and various collectibles. We have books. We have clothes for men, larger women, and kids. We'll have kitchen stuff (don't gasp...i know i can do it!). Maybe even some older computer stuff (if i can get [livejournal.com profile] wingedelf to part with any of it).

There may be a few things we'd like to sell... but i am not sure on that front. Mostly it is a case of less is more when one is downsizing in a move.

Are there better or worse days for you all? Is anyone interested? Or should i just haul it all away and save myself the effort?
[Edit: Wow, that was quick! Good thing we have much more good stuff to rehome!]

Ok locals... the exodus of stuff begins. i'll post things in LJ and if i don't get a response in a few days i'll post to craig's list and/or freecycle. The first offering is:

Double-sized papasan chair with a green pad. Good condition. - free

White chest of drawers - It is about 4' tall or so and has 4 of 5 drawers (meaning one drawer broke from child climbing it - we just leave the bottom drawer out and use that space for sterilite style boxes for storage) - the 4 drawers are in good shape. - free



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