Today we began really doing "school" again. Despite our intention to school through the summer, it didn't happen as consistently as i would have hoped. So... we are doing some review. And some goal setting. Our general plans include:

Japanese (30 minutes)
Math (to level 30-40 min/day)
Language Arts (to level 30-40 min/day)
Science (snap circuitry/general science 30-40 min/day)
Sign Language (15-30 min/day)
Shudokan Karate (class 2x/week, 15 min/day)
Swimming (class 1x/wk) (starting in Sept)

Later we'll add in history (my beloved will be focusing on this as it is the subject of his BA).

My goal is for daily "school" work (book work) to take less than 3 hours - so 4 hours if you include breaks and such... so basically to be done by lunchtime!

i also want us to attend the weekly homeschool park days (rain or shine) and to get a monthly board-game day set up at our local library for tweens-and-teens to play non-magic/Pokémon/etc. board/card games.

So.. here is to our most successful homeschooling year so far!
... and today is one of those days.

{Please note i am feeling quite unwell today and i am sure that has a strong impact on my frustration with them and myself. They really are sweet and smart kids, i am just at my wits end at the moment and wishing they were more self-directed.}

i see my boys give excuse after excuse for why they haven't accomplished their (really straightforward and pretty simple) tasks. It makes me wonder what my husband and i have modeled for them.

An almost 8 year old should not have THIS much trouble writing out sentences with corrections on capitalizations (that we had previously discussed in detail) that he would take 5 hours to (still not) finish less than 12 sentences.

An almost 13 year old should not be unable to pull out 6 paragraphs of information (having been given a detailed outline of things for which to look) to write a short "research" paper in less than 2 months.

Again and again i get the "This will take forever" or "i can't find exactly the information you want in exactly the words you ask for"... despite giving explicit instructions, correcting for misunderstandings, and reassessing objectives with them after getting additional information about resources and timelines.

My kids may never be able to write a paper (either because they can't pick up a f-ing pencil OR their f-ing brains) - but they'll be spot on for a position in politics... claim ignorance, claim inability to finish because of other people, and whine like babies.
I posted this on freecycle and in the wanted section on Craig's List. Then I realized I know enough unique people here on LJ it would be another good place to come begging. :-). So, here it is:

I know this is an odd request, but I will be teaching a group of homeschoolers about anatomy this coming year. We have some good books for resources and the anatomy coloring book for a form of hands onnwork, but I would love to have some 3-dimensional resources as well.

With a skeleton we can make muscles out of clay to see exactly where
they originate and insert. With an anatomy model with organs they can
see how things really fit together.

I know this is a long shot, but I am hoping a former student (or an
interesting person with unique tastes/interests) has a skeleton in
their closet or a body hidden under their bed and would love to set
themselves free! :-)

I will happily travel throughout the area and will accomodate your

Thank you so much!

I am hoping for free, obviously. But, if you have one and live outside of driving distance for my old Volvo, I would be happy to pay shipping. Thanx again!



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