So... last night, due to the generosity of [ profile] gwynn_aaron (and Apple's generosity to their employees), i am now the proud owner of an iPhone. i really can't believe it. i wanted one, but never really thought i would get one. But, then i made a comment in an LJ and fates seemed to be nice... and now i have a bright and shiny 4gb iPhone sitting in a box on my desk. i'll need to go to an AT&T corporate store to get them to associate it with my current account as it doesn't want to give up [ profile] ithilien. :) But that is just fine with me. Since i need to find a secure case for it, too... i WILL NOT end up with this in the same state as my current Nokia phone - with a starred screen, an antenna that likes to become unseated on a whim, and pieces that need to be superglued back together (the ones that aren't totally lost) on a regular basis.

While it will technically cost an extra $20/month on our wireless bill, the reality will be much less... because i am dropping the $5/month SMS package on my line (which is included w/ the iPhone data package) and the $5/month SMS package on < lj user="wingedelf">'s line because he doesn't use them at all... so paying $0.10/message for the few that i send him a month isn't bad at all. This will require a new 2-year committment, but it starts from now, so instead of ending Dec '08 it'll end July '09, not a big difference since we aren't planning to cancel our service anyway. We currently have about 2500 rollover minutes so i don't think we'll need to upgrade our package anytime soon. And we'll be cutting out the landline which'll save $40/month (including taxes and the like)... so this should be a net decrease of $30/month. Go figure.

And it is really neat. And pretty. And i am so thankful for [ profile] gwynn_aaron, [ profile] ithilien, and most especially for my husband [ profile] wingedelf for making this possible.



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