... i am feeling very frustrated on a lot of levels today.

My low back/SI went out this weekend... i got an adjustment yesterday, but i am still feeling a bit unstable and tender. Had to reschedule my massage client from last night to next week and am trying to reschedule tonight's client as well. i am stretching... but i am still hurting and want to be ME again. Need to remember to sheild

Called the eye doctor to see about VSP coverage, since my beloved never seems to be able to make time to check it out himself. Called and finally got through to the doctor... found out that his coverage has gone down from what it used to be.... and that for some reason the kids and i are NOT listed as covered, despite the fact that he theoretically signed us up and they are taking the money out of his check (at least i think they are... they no longer give stubs for direct deposit so i haven't seen exactly where the money is going)... i just know they are taking out more now than they used to. He's going to go talk to HR, but he did that for months before they finally told him they didn't issue cards anymore... so i don't trust HR to know their asses from a hole in the ground.

i have cat litter boxes to clean, bird cages to clean, chinchilla cages to clean... floors to vacuum, floors to scrub, dishes to wash, clothes to wash, me to wash... and i am low motivation. Bet you a dollar my hormones are shifting, too. Would explain my irrational annoyance/anger today.

i also need to take the boys swimming, go to my friends' new store - Emerald City Gardens, go to Target, and still make dinner and maybe work on the yard. Thinking i'll hold off on the yard until i can do massage... betting both are aggrivating to the issue at hand. May go back to Chiro next week if still symptomatic.

Speaking of the yard... had a yard maintance professional come to give an estimate for cleaning up the yard. $400. Ouch. So... i did some thinking... i can buy the tools to do the work myself for $100-150 max (and that is buying near top-of-the line) and get regular exercise... or i can pay $400 to have someone do it once and still have to do upkeep - or can pay 1/4 or 1/3 the amount and get a workout and have the tools to do upkeep on a better level. The latter just seems to make more sense. Even if i don't like yardwork, i can learn.
Right? :)



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