Hi all my LJ friends who probably thought i was dead and my LJ taken over by an odd person who posts irregularly and usually inane stuff. Well, i am not dead. But, i am posting mostly inane stuff. :)

This post, though... is a multipurpose post.

First... my birthday is coming up on 25 January. i'll be 41. Wow. My mom sure must be old if she has a 41 year old daughter. :D As our budget is still tight due to chronic employment issues (i think nearly 15 months on unemployment qualifies as chronic) i am not throwing a big bash. Although, really, i never throw big bashes. Hmmm.... maybe for 50. Anyway, one thing that i do want to do is take advantage of the Olympus Spa in Lynnwood and their policy that all women get in for free on their birthday. So, depending upon scheduling, i want to spend a good chunk of time at the spa. Probably in the evening, but if i am lucky/unlucky (lucky that i get to, unlucky that i can because if i was lucky lucky then my beloved would be working, thus preventing me from going to the spa early) then daytime, too. This is NOT a party or anything, just letting my local women friends know i am planning to be at the spa on Monday, 25 January... if you were looking for an excuse to go and wanted to know you'd have someone there you know, then you can probably see me there/then. :) i'll be posting my schedule there a bit later in the month.

Second... the list. i am going to post a list of things i want... not in any particular order and this isn't a "please get me these things" list, per se. That is, i'd love it if you wanted to get me one or more of the things on this list, but it is NOT an expectation at all. Or even really a request. Because i find things i like and i forget where they are when i actually have the money/time/inclination to get them... so i figure a list somewhere i can find is better than random bookmarks (and i never look at my bookmarks). So... kind of like the spa... if you were planning already and didn't know what i might want, here are some things. If you weren't planning to get me anything (now or in the future) - no worries... this is mostly for me. If you were planning to get me something but NOT one of these things - perfect, i love gifts that come from your hearts. But, if you were wondering and had no clue, here are some ideas.

1) A job for my belvoed, [livejournal.com profile] wingedelf. Seriously. Not a thing in hand, but this would be the bestest gift ever. PM/BA/I18N-L10N is his preferred field, but he can do Test Mgr, Test, etc. You can reach him via wingedelf at livejournal dot com for a copy of his resume and to discuss things... but if you/your company is hiring and wants a dedicated, skilled, multi-talented, generalist, flexible, committed, long term employee and if you pay a decent wage, he just might be your man. Plus if you are in the Seattle Metro area.

2) A threaded ink converter for my Monteverde pen. i haven't found them in local stores, but they are pretty cheap online. And the website has many other cool items if you are a pen fan. :)

3) i would love a Cast Iron Teapot. Teavana.com has some lovely ones. So does the Teacup in Seattle - they don't show them online, but if you are in Seattle's Queen Anne district they have beautiful things in their store. They can be found many places at many price points... cost isn't my big issue - i prefer great deal gifts to spendy ones. My favorite colours would be purple, blue, black and my favorite images are dragons and dragonflies - but i am not attatched to any particular theme. My beloved mom-of-my-heart in Florida gifted me the most lovely tetsubin teapot - red with dragons, symbol of "power, strength, good fortune, happiness, imortality." i'll be having tea in it tomorrow (20 Jan 2010) A Teapot Warmer would be handy, too. Of course, if you wanted to get me a full set like this or a similar set from someone else, that would be sweet. And way overboard. :D

4) i've been watching infomericals now and then... usually while channel surfing during workouts. The Insanity Workout is way too much from the infomercial website, but sometimes the prices on ebay aren't too bad. i really want to challenge myself, workout at home, and not need to buy a bunch of equipment. i love my Wii Fit/Wii Fit Plus! It has helped me lose nearly 80 pounds - and it is doing a good job of helping me to maintain. But, in order to progress anymore, i really need something to challenge myself.

5). i NEED a new pepper mill. Mine died. i've been grinding peppercorns by hand with my morter and pestle. i am not picky as to style... a set with a salt grinder, too... fun. i just need something strong and sturdy that will last years as i love pepper!

6) i could really use a replacement lap desk. Mine is getting old - but still useable. But, i have 2 sons whose need replacement due to breakage/leaking - i would like to pass down my lapdesk and get a new one for myself (yup, talk about selfish). i really like the ones with wood tops, i think they look marvelous, but again, i am not too picky. A good sized work surface that allows for writing... possible with storage (some have neat lift-up tops for storage - the one i have now has a zippered pen storage on the side).

7) More informercial stuff! This is a Shark Portable Steam Pocket system. i have an older one i really liked - but it is over 10 years old now and not as efficient (and much heavier) than the new models. This one is available for $99.00 including free shipping from the website (or 3 easy pays) - so if you look on ebay or the like, don't pay a penny more than $99 (i saw some with bids up to $120). Which reminds me, time to get my steamer out and lug the bastard around to work on the bathroom and kitchen. :)

8) Spice rack. My spices are out of control. i have bags and baggies, a few bottles, a couple of tins (too big for practical use) and nothing to organize them. It is a mess. i need organization - sturdy rack and bottles/cans... i am open to metal/magnetic or glass in a rack. i don't love the tall square towers, but if the style is cool enough, i'm game. i know i need more than 12 spices - 20+ would be better, but i can make do with 16... or 2 - 12's depending upon the style. :) i don't care if it comes with spices or not... i know the spices in pre-filled kits are usually old and crappy - but spices are pretty cheap by bulk and i'll probably replace many of them with my own preferences anyway. :) Special appreciation to bottles/cans that can fit in a tablespoon - or at least a teaspoon - easily, as i tend to do bulk cooking and big pots need lots of spices.

9) New iPhone. Yeah... well, we can all dream, right? Mine is 2 1/2 years old and still functioning pretty well, especially since it survived a rather thorough dog chewing at the hands of my step-sister's pet that left the case dented and cracked in a couple of places. :)

This list will likely be modified (if i remember) as time goes on. And do expect another post with updated times for the Spa later this month.




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