Mar. 15th, 2011

Hi all my dear friends...

My mother and stepfather have offered us a week at one of their timeshare condos (for free to us) so that we can have our first family vacation - ever. We have never gone away all together, so this is a Really Big Deal.

But, there is a catch.

We have pets. Plenty of them, if you know us. :) Which means we can't just go out of town and leave a big pile of food and a running sink. :) We will need a pet/house sitter. The thing is, we can't afford to pay a lot as the cost of taking the vacation (travel, food, activities) is going to take most of our free money. So... i am looking for some options...

What we need: 1)someone(s) to stay at the house or 2) be at the house first thing in the AM, sometime in the afternoon, in the evening, and before bed

What needs to be done: 1) let dogs out morning, after work, after dinner, before bed (mid afternoon if you are around)... basically not in the house more than 8+ hours 2) clean up any messes dogs left too long create :( 3)feed/water guinea pigs, dogs and cats in AM and in PM (one cat will need pills, but i can prep individual dishes w/ her meds & canned food - just put her alone in bathroom for ~10 min and she'll eat it all). 4) feed and water birds once a day (AM or PM) 5) clean cat litter boxes (scoop) every couple of days (or expect more messes on floor to clean up) 6) Accept lots of love from the animals

Really, other than letting dogs out and in, the AM/PM chores take maybe 15 minutes each (and that includes scooping litters).

What we offer:
House in nice neighborhood close to bus lines and with good parking. Close to restaurants, shopping, and parks. Cable TV, Wireless internet, Netflix.

So... what i need to know... how much should we offer someone local? Or... do we have any friends who'd like a vacation in Seattle and would be willing to housesit for the week in exchange for a place to stay while exploring our city (MUCH cheaper than a hotel or condo rental)?

We don't have dates set, so there is flexibility... but i figured i'd see if anyone had input/suggestions/experience in this. Thanks!



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