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Birthdate:Jan 25
Location:United States of America
Who am i? Goddess i hate these things. And yet i am somehow compelled to do it anyway.

i am a woman, a priestess, a licensed massage practitioner, a partner-in-life, a mom, a homeschool teacher, a dreamer, and many things that defy labels.

Some people you may see here:
wingedelf - my beloved husband and partner-in-life. Also called DH. He has brightened my world since we met (online in Dec. 1996, IRL in February 1997) and we celebrated our "13th and 10th" anniversary on 30 April 2010. We've had hard times, harder times, and great times. I cherish them all (although i think i am about ready to let the harder ones go :-P).

darkmuffin - my oldest son, who turned 14 on 27 May. AKA: DS or alexander. i never thought i wanted to be a mom.... alexander made me change my mind. He has taught me to love in a way i never thought possible. He loves science and reading and (at times) driving me crazy! :)

scootercomputer - my youngest son, who turned 9 on 13 May. AKA: ds or nicholas. darkmuffin wanted a baby sister.... but he seems to think that a brother is ok. He has taught me i can love two children with all my heart and still have more left over.

mistress_gaelan - my spirit-sister. She used to work for my mom. My mom kept telling her "you need to meet my daughter." My mom kept telling me "you need to meet my employee." We both resisted... but when we finally did meet, well.... it just proves that sometimes your Mother does know best. :) i love her with all my heart.

M - my 'second mother' - who used to live next door and who means the world to me. She has moved to Florida to be nearer lokheed, her son, and B, her grandson. i miss her more than i can express. She reminds me that family isn't just blood - it is much more than that.
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