Makes 4-5 cups of finished sauce. Best if allowed to cool overnight in the fridge before using.
Use 1/4 cup of finished sauce mixed well with 1 tablespoon sesame oil and 1/3 cup vegetable oil as a marinate before grilling meat or tofu. Use sauce sparingly at service.
Overview: You’ll make a base of vinegars, aromatics, and sugar, which is boiled down to a concentrate, then add in mirin and soy sauce, boil for a few minutes more before finally balancing with a last little more sweet.

12oz can of pure pineapple juice concentrate
3-4 inch piece of fresh gingerroot cut into chunks but not peeled
1/2 head of fresh garlic cut in half, and slightly pulled apart, but not peeled
1 cup rice vinegar
1 cup cider vinegar
1 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup water (just what it takes to rinse the pineapple juice can)
Boil this down in a large pan for 40-45 minutes until it has reduced by half. (Try not to breath in the boiling vinegar fumes. :) )
Soy and Mirin:

Add in:
3 cups soy sauce (regular or gluten free is fine)
1 cup mirin
1/4 teaspoon red chili flake
Boil 10-12 minutes until the sauce thickens slightly
Final Additions:

Taste for final seasoning. The sauce will be quite intense and salty at this stage. Try to focus on being able to just barely taste sweetness underneath everything.
I generally add:
1/2-1 cup brown sugar
1 cup mirin
(1/2 cup honey for gluten free - as it tends to need a little thickening)
There should be plenty of heat in the pan dissolve/incorporate the sugars, but if not you can turn it back on the heat for just enough to get a smooth sauce.
Strain into glass jars allow to mellow overnight in the fridge before using. The sauce with thicken and balance significantly as it sets.
Sauce will keep for months in the fridge.
So... i'm not used to journaling anymore. i used to paper journal compulsively - and LJ was my second home. Now i spend more time on FB and it seems to be primarily shares and casual comments.

i want to start with daily paper journal entries... with tarot and art... and writing here. What does it look like here? FB is so public - i don't post things of a personal conflict nature there.... and i don't think it is safe/beneficial to do it here, either. So that is what paper is for. So what is this for?

i'll need to get back to HTML IF i can remember any of this stuff.


Apr. 21st, 2017 08:48 am
Funny how this feels more private than FB. i come here to talk about over there. Although i have some friends here - most folks haven't migrated... but is it really private? And is it weird/petty to do it here - is it like talking behind people's backs? i don't know.
Wow... getting used to DW instead of LJ is weird :)

So... for those not in both places....

1)i made a post about having insomnia due sickto an unexpectedly high $19k tax bill (due to estate reasons).

2)i made a post promoting a friend's gofundme for her sick cat

3) a FB friend (who is the mom of my best friend in my teens - whom i lived with for a while before moving South to join my parents) commented on the 2nd post with a "Hate to tell you" line that if i had a 17k tax bill i could afford to pay for her vet bill myself.

Here's what gets me... i think this is the first comment she's ever made on my FB... she didn't comment when my dad died... when my mom died... when Sasha got into University... On any of the good or bad or mundane things... no words of comfort or celebration... the only comment she ever made was to imply that i was somehow bad or selfish or whatever. And it hurt. Am i more upset because she was so thoughtless (or perhaps thoughtful) or because i feel it is true?
inanna: (evil thoughts)
Well, it will be interesting to see if we end up with a revival of this type of journaling. I'll miss my old LJ account... i know all the posts are here... and i know i hadn't posted there with anything like regularity or had connections with many of my dear friends there in ages... but, we'll see what the future brings.
inanna: (snow leopard)
So...i haven't posted here in 4 years.... so much has happened in that time. 2 surgeries... my mother died suddenly and unexpectedly... my friend J chose death with dignity after terminal cancer diagnosis... i've lost a dog and 4 cats... and gained 4 cats... gained money... major car accidents....pain/healing/pain... gained a local daughter... sent a son off to university... took up archery and glassblowing... house a mess... new cars... travel.

So... what does LJ offer me? What do i have to offer LJ? Most of my friends don't use LJ as regularly... which is why i shifted to FB.
So, i do read LJ pretty much daily. But i haven't opened my computer since mid-October (until today)... if i can't easily do it on my iphone, i don't do it. Which means i don't respond or post often as anything more than a few words to a sentence or two is a pain in the ass.

The good news, my boys are doing better in their schoolwork. Both boys are now training Karate with me.
Just doing more in real life and less life in front of a computer screen.

There are a bunch of my friends who are posting pro-choice and anti-choice ("pro-life") links, articles, and images. Rather than post in reply to each one - here is where i stand. 

Pro-choice says that every child should be wanted and born into a safe and loving environment - the choice to have a child or not have a child is a sacred and personal choice. Pro-choice people support women who choose to have children and keep them. Pro-choice people support those who have children and give them into loving, adopted families. And, Pro-choice people support women who make the decision not to carry a child to term.

The other end is anti-choice. They are not pro-life. They don't believe every child should be born into a safe and loving environment and should be wanted by the parent(s). They think that every chance fertilization - whether through force, lack of education, or mischance - MUST be carried to term... after which very few show care about the quality of life the child (or its parents and/or siblings) will endure. They are not pro-life... they think that children should be used as a punishment for women who are "sluts" or "loose" or "cheap" - and damn the child right along with the woman. They don't offer to pay for all the women's and infants' and children's medical, living, and educational expenses. i don't see the anti-choice people standing out in front of clinics with their homes and checkbooks open, offering each woman a safe place to live, food, work, education, and a guaranteed safe place for her child (what do you mean you can't afford another child, a disabled child, a mixed-race child, a child of incest with a high likelihood of genetic problems... that you are too young, too old, too poor, or just not able to be a parent... THOSE obviously aren't good answers - if they don't apply to the women walking up, they don't apply to you). No, they work with shame, degradation, and abuse - not loving care for children. And let's not even discuss the torment and pain that many women do experience being forced to carry a child to term against their will...

This isn't about pro-choice v. pro-life. This is about making women (and children) chattel - objects of abuse and ridicule and shame in order to support a power-over system that ignores reality for a misogynistic fantasy.

This is about supporting women in all their choices (pro-choice) and those who care for nothing but forced breeding and think women should be nothing but brood mares (anti-choice). 

If you are pro-choice, we stand together.

If you are anti-abortion for yourself and know that any egg within you that gets fertilized will be born, no matter the situation, because you know for you it is the only choice - AND acknowledge that others can and do make other choices and that is their right and you'll support them, then we stand together. 

If you are a forced-birther (meaning you feel that every woman should be forced to give birth every time an egg is fertilized); if you feel that the choice that is right for you is the ONLY choice (and then it isn't a choice, is it?) and that you will do all you can to keep women from making sure that every child is wanted, then we do NOT stand together. Please remove yourself from my friend's list and my life.

I fully support women who choose abortion. I fully support women who choose adoption. i fully support women who choose to give birth and keep their children. If you are a friend who could never choose to abort a pregnancy, I support you, too. Even women who should not be allowed to raise children (and by that I mean actively abusive parents - you know the ones who make the news for starving, beating, raping, murdering their children) should have the right to choose whether or not they give birth. Period

... although it may be a bit uncomfortable.

i started a blog for NaPoWriMo... i only made it 11 days in.. .but that is better than i've ever done before. But... i have decided to continue to publish poetry there from time to time when i have writings.

That being said, here is a link to my most recent poem... I Stand Here Naked
Hi Seattle Friends... can you come to our rescue?

We are in the market for a station wagon or a minivan. We need it to be a strong runner with minimal issues (we can do brake pads, oil change - not head gaskets or full brake replacement). We can afford about $5k max - we have been approved for a loan - for a private (not dealer) sale the seller would have to meet us at a branch of our Credit Union with the title and they'll cut the seller a check directly, just so you know.

Anyone have good leads? We don't really want a Dodge Caravan or a Saturn wagon (dodge we have had before and gave up after 3 transmissions - saturn because they are no longer in business).

My sweet sister-of-my-heart, [livejournal.com profile] mistress_gaelan, came to visit today and it was wonderful. She has been taking classes in Tarot and she came to share some of her lessons. i finally really used my Gaian Tarot deck by Joanna Powell Colbert/. We did a very detailed spread with 34 cards. i will be spending quite a bit of time going into that reading.
Having a quiet morning. [livejournal.com profile] wingedelf is off at the Oregon Coast w/ his love. [livejournal.com profile] scootercomputer is away for some one-on-one time with his Gramma. So, it is just [livejournal.com profile] darkmuffin and i home with the critters. Spent some time on the phone with a dear friend, with my niece, and with my sister. Then [livejournal.com profile] darkmuffin and i played some Team Fortress 2... until blood sugar and the movement of the game made me nauseous. So he brought me breakfast in bed. :)

We'll play some more in a bit... then we'll meet my mom and [livejournal.com profile] scootercomputer for some food and to retrieve the boy... then home for some housework/schoolwork. Not sure when [livejournal.com profile] wingedelf will be home - sometime before "night." :)

Last night was pretty wonderful. [livejournal.com profile] darkmuffin and i were joined by my friend A and her daughter W... we went to see the New Works rep at the Pacific Northwest Ballet. One world premier and two more PNB premiers. They went from most closely resembling ballet to not at all like ballet (other than it was choreographed on ballet dancers). We all had a really great time and i am glad we did it. i get to see it again next Friday with [livejournal.com profile] wingedelf and then a third time on Saturday with [livejournal.com profile] wingedelf and his love. i am SO glad i really enjoyed it... if i hadn't, then Friday/Saturday would be really unpleasant experiences. i am especially looking forward to see it from a couple different vantage points. Last night we were in the Second Tier (love those $28 seats... especially with a BOGO free coupon), so i was able to get a vision of the big picture. Next Friday we'll see it from our standard seats - Orchestra Center, row D (4 rows back from the stage) - which means we'll really be able to see the expressions and fine movements of the dancers, but we do miss the big picture view. i'm not sure exactly where our Saturday tickets are, but i suspect they are Second Tier again... but not the same seats so it'll look a bit different... oh and next weekend will have different casts dancing the roles, so that will be fun, too!

Next year i am going to make a point to pick up extra PNB bogo coupons from the Chinook Book (from those who buy them but won't be using them) - i think i'd like to make this a bit of a tradition.
Well... inanna came available... and so i have changed to the online name i started with ALL those decades ago!

But... for those who are confused... this IS damashita... :)
Somehow my elder son is in the midst of puberty. i don't know how it happened. Just the other day he was my little boy. Now, he is growing taller, growing hair, his voice is changing, and so are other things.

He is such a wonderful young man. Not a boy... a young man. And, for all he can push my buttons better than about any other human being on earth at this time... i love him more than i can express.
i abhor hormonal shifts. i don't know they are coming, not really... each month is different, some are bad, some are just eh. And when they hit... i go from a relatively sane individual to an irrational bitch in moments. Often in the middle of a conversation or event.

The other thing is that situations that are... mostly (or barely) tolerable but not ideal... become intolerable. So, it isn't that i say things i don't mean... because they are things that have been bothering me... but they come out with no filters, no gentleness.

This is why "this time of the month" is so difficult. It comes on quickly and has no compassion. Well.. .that isn't even true. In my mind i can hear the kind me screaming i don't want to do this... that it is too much, too far, too cruel, will serve no good, will only cause drama... but that part is in a box that cannot be voiced. Sometimes i can write it down. But mostly it just gets smothered by everything else.

If i (and my beloveds) are lucky, i can catch it quickly and isolate myself. This month we weren't so lucky.

i can't say i am sorry for... what i was feeling. My anger, my frustration, my sadness, my isolation... those are all real things that don't get acknowledged very often. But i am sorry that things came out the way they did - the pain that they caused coming out and the wounds in our relationships that won't slip away with the hormone changes - for those things i am sorry... and it adds to the shame and depression that is already present with the hormones and the aftermath.
no real surprise there anymore. i haven't opened my laptop since i got back from Las Vegas in October. What internet/email i've done has been on my phone, which means very little.

i've been really down lately... so in addition to laziness in terms of the computer i am also in the space of not having the energy or emotional ability to deal with much. So, if i owe you an email, a letter, a present, a greeting of your special event/day, or any other thing... i'm sorry. It isn't you, it is me. i'm trying to climb back out... it is just one breath at a time.
Hey, do i have any LJ friends in Las Vegas? I don't think so, but folks do move and sometimes I'm a flake. I'm going to be arriving at LAS on Monday the 17th & would trade a Starbucks coffee for a ride from the airport to the hotel to avoid a $25 4-mile cab ride. :-)
i am watching the movie now.... funny how after an hour i hardly notice the subtitles.. and how much i can understand of the dialog when i am looking away... language is so... beautiful.

i see my son on the internet - and now learning to program... i wonder what the future will bring for him in 10 years. Time goes by so quickly.

i wonder, though, at my usefulness in the world, sometimes.
Hi! do any of my local friends (LMPs or not) have any interest in learning Polarity? October 22-23 there will be a workshop in Lake Stevens, WA - and they are doing a 'buy one get one free' ... the class is usually $400 for 16 hours of class (and continuing ed for some licensing including massage), but Maruti is offering it for $200 per person if you sign up with a friend. You do not need experience with massage or energy work in order to participate... it is a wonderful healing weekend for yourself with knowledge gained to help others.

If you are interested, please call me ASAP so we can reserve our space and i can tell you about the areas covered in this workshop.
Harsh.. but looking at what the United States of America has become in the past decade i can come up with no other conclusion.

The civil liberties promised us in the US Constitution have become but words on paper. The US engages in torture, incarceration without trial, extensive spying on its own citizens without the due process of law. We have given up personal freedom with the false promise of security - on airplanes, on phone calls, on the internet.

We have been trained to live in fear and to fear our neighbors. Are they brown? Fear them. Do the women cover their hair? Fear them. Do they have an accent? Fear them. Have they visited or do they have relatives in the middle east? Fear them. Are they anything but a fundie Christian? Fear them. Fear them, hate them. And whatever is done to them, whether or not they are guilty, is justified, because our (who is 'our' btw, white, christian, men?) way of life is more important than the liberty and life of a few people who are different from us anyway.

Our economy is in ruins. Yes, the housing crisis would have happened with or without the terrorist attacks on 9/11/01, but the housing crisis is just a small part of our problem. Our government is spending money hand over fist on wars that were started with the vague goal of wiping out terrorism (an impossible deed as terrorism is not a country upon which you can declare war, but an idea which knows no borders) and with NO benchmark for success nor plan to end them. If you look at our national spending the VAST majority of the money is not going to health care, education, or social services - it is going to pay for the wars we are in and will continue to do so long after we get out of them because our government chose to NOT include them in regular budgetary planning during the BushII years and nothing has changed much since.

Add in the fact that Republicans (and a few Dems) want to balance the budget simply by cutting social spending and NOT bringing in more income (and hello... that doesn't work at home either... you have to pay for food/medical/housing no matter what... if you don't have enough money you get another job, you don't stop paying rent or eating) - and you have a recipe for disaster. Which is what we have.

To top it off we have a political system that is beyond broken - where one party is willing to sacrifice the whole country in order to gain/regain power - because their extremist base is louder and pays them more money to do so. Right now our system is as corrupt as the height of the Roman Empire just before the fall... if you can buy your politician and keep paying them, they'll keep you in your riches as long as you keep them in power - no matter what the majority of the people on the ground say. They'll just yell louder (with their money) that their view is the majority and ignore the reality because the reality folks are struggling to pay rent and food and praying they don't have a medical emergency and don't have the money to bribe the politicians like the richest corporations do.

Yes BRIBE. Call them campaign donations. Call it donations to the politicians pet projects. Call it favorable jobs for their family/friends/them when they give up the public trough. Whatever euphemism you want to use... it is a bribe. And when the people you are bribing are in a position to keep making you money... the circle never ends. Our Supreme Court allowed corporations to act as people... despite the fact that corporations are NOT people... they are made up of and owned by people. Which means (IMNSHO) if the people involved want to donate their private money within the limits of campaign law to further their personal agendas, i guess go for it. But corporations are NOT people and should not have the same input as people... let the CEOs donate - let the staff and management donate as they want... but the company doesn't get to say a word as it doesn't have a body!

i don't know how or even if we will be able to pull out of this morass we have created. Will the USA go from being a shining example of what can be to a dark hole of greed and christian religious dictatorship? i pray not. But i am not feeling so hopeful today. Maybe tomorrow will bring a new light.



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